ASC X12 837 v5010 Errata Testing Procedures

Published 03/13/2023

The ASC X12 837 v5010 Testing Procedures document  includes Palmetto GBA testing instructions to ensure your new HIPAA-compliant electronic claims software meets format and quality standards.

  ASC X12 Transaction  Errata Version 
837 Health Care Claim: Professional 005010X222A1
837 Health Care Claim: Institutional 005010X223A2
999 Implementation Acknowledgment For Health Care Insurance 005010X231A1

We will be distributing the appropriate ASC X12 responses (TA1 and 999 reports). No one will be placed in 5010 production until successful errata testing is completed.

If you have any questions regarding the current 837 v5010 Testing Procedures, please call the Palmetto GBA Provider Contact Center at 855-696-0705 (JM), 888-355-9165 (RR) or 877-567-7271 (JJ).

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