Multiple Patient Transports

Published 05/28/2020

Multiple patient transports must be submitted with HCPCS modifier GM on the appropriate ambulance base code and mileage code. 

  • Submit the appropriate origin and destination modifiers in the first modifier position and HCPCS modifier GM in the second modifier position

Documentation Required with Claims for Multiple Patient Transports

  • The number of patients transported
  • The Medicare numbers for each Medicare beneficiary in the vehicle at the same time. If there was no other Medicare beneficiary in the vehicle, this must be clearly documented.
  • The total mileage traveled for that individual Medicare beneficiary
  • This information must be in the appropriate documentation record for EDI claims and as an attachment to the CMS–1500 claim form
  • Claims submitted without this information will be rejected as unprocessable and must be resubmitted as new claims

Palmetto GBA will not change a code submitted or add any modifier that may be required for payment when processing your claim.




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