Land Ambulance: No Transport and Non-Covered Transports

Published 05/28/2020

No Transport
Do not file a claim for non-covered services or no transport services unless the patient insists.
  • If the patient insists that a claim be filed when no transport occurred, submit HCPCS code A0999 with HCPCS modifier GY
  • Origin and destination modifiers are not required
Non-Covered Transports
If a non-covered transport has occurred, submit appropriate service and mileage provided.
  • Origin and destination modifiers are required in the first modifier position. Submit HCPCS modifier GY in the second modifier position (e.g., HCPCS code/modifiers: A0426HHGY, A0425HHGY).
  • Examples of non-covered trips include: a transport is made based on the family's request, doctor requests patient be taken to a more convenient facility, or the patient is at a facility capable of furnishing the necessary care but wants to go to a facility closer to his family or home. These trips are not covered by Medicare.


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