Claim Submission for HCPCS Code V2785

Published 11/30/2022

HCPCS code V2785 represents the processing, preserving and transporting of the corneal tissue.

The allowance for this code is based on invoice or cost, so a single invoice should reflect the separate itemized costs for the distinct components of this code: 

  • Processing and/or preserving of corneal tissue; and
  • Transport of the corneal tissue; and
  • Any additional associated fees

The invoice must clearly designate the cost associated with the processing of tissue and identify the service as full or partial thickness corneal tissue.

Shipping and handling charges are considered to be transporting fees as defined by the code. This charge should be included in the claim amount submitted for HCPCS code V2785 and should not be billed separately.

The invoice should not include a charge for back-bench preparation. This charge is billed by the physician.

Documentation That Must Be Submitted

  • For electronic claims, submit an invoice via eServices or PWK
  • For paper claims, please submit the actual invoice with the claim
  • A copy of the invoice must also be retained in the medical records and provided upon request
  • If the invoice price is unusually high, additional medical documentation along with an itemized invoice should be submitted via the PWK or eServices process explaining the reason for the higher than normal cost of service.

These instructions are effective immediately for all dates of service.

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