I am having trouble with my registration. What do I do?

Published 06/10/2024

Only one provider administrator per provider can register for eServices. If someone from your office has already registered as an administrator, please contact that person for access to eServices.

If you are the provider administrator and your registration information is entered in an incorrect format, the eServices application will display an error message in red at the top of your screen. Carefully read that error message and enter the information again.

Providers who have a "Do Not Forward" (DNF) on file with Palmetto GBA will not be able to register until the DNF is lifted.

If you are sure you entered all information correctly and cannot register, make sure you have an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Enrollment Agreement on file with Palmetto GBA. If you do not, please access the EDI section of PalmettoGBA.com for helpful articles about how to complete the EDI agreement.

Please refer to section 2 of the eServices User Manual (PDF) for additional information on eServices registration. If you are sure you have an EDI agreement on file, and entered the correct information, but still cannot register, please contact your Medicare contractor.

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