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Published 03/02/2021

eServices is Fast, Free and Easy to Use!

The eServices portal is a secure, internet-based application that allows access to beneficiary and claim information. You may obtain eligibility, claims status, financial information and many other features through eServices. Watch a short video for an overview of the eServices registration process and then please take a brief survey.

Who Can Use eServices?

You can use eServices if you have a signed Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Enrollment Agreement on file with Palmetto GBA. You should have the agreement on file if you completed Step 2 of the New to Medicare guide.

Only one provider administrator per EDI Enrollment Agreement may register for eServices. The provider administrator may then grant access to the different features of the application to his or her associates who are then designated "provider users." The provider administrator also has the ability to assign additional provider administrators by selecting the "Admin" permission for the user. If you are a provider user, you must contact your provider administrator to request access to the system.

How Do I Register?

  1. Complete the eServices registration form. If the information you entered matches the information on file with Palmetto GBA, you will be assigned an eServices User ID.

    Registration Form

  2. Choose your security questions and answers and your password.

  3. Verify your email address. Open the verification email we sent to the address you provided and access the link in that message.

Start Using eServices Today

Now that you have an eServices account, you can log in and begin using its features to check claim status, look up beneficiary eligibility and much more.

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Next Steps

To continue with the New to Medicare guide you should register for Provider Statistical and Reimbursement Access.

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