When performing a claim status inquiry, why do I receive an error message that there is nothing found to display?

Published 06/10/2024

Claim status information is retrieved from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) standard systems and is as current as the data maintained in those standard systems. You will only be able to view claim status information for the one PTAN/NPI combination associated with your eServices user ID, or the PTAN/NPI combination selected if you have multiple accounts linked to your user ID. If you have additional PTANs or NPIs, they will need to be registered separately.

If no claims are displayed for the date period you have chosen, you may want to choose a different date range or double-check your records to make sure you are inputting the correct Medicare ID. The Medicare ID should be entered without spaces, dashes or any other special characters. Retrieving claims information older than six months may take additional time. Only claims that are paid, in process, returned or denied are displayed. Claims that are offline or returned without processing will not appear. Many claims are offline after three years, sometimes earlier.

Please reference section 4 of the eServices User Manual (PDF) for screenshots and additional information on the eServices claim status function.

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