How do I administer users in eServices?

Published 06/10/2024

The person who registers is the provider administrator. Only one provider administrator can register per PTAN/NPI combination. Provider administrators have access to the Admin tab. Through this function, they can administer users. The provider administrator grants access for provider users to access, view and print from eServices the information related to the registered provider. Provider administrator responsibilities include the following:

  • Creating the provider user
  • Assigning a temporary password to the provider user
  • Assigning application permissions to the provider user
  • Creating additional provider administrators
  • Modifying the provider user profile
  • Terminating provider users or additional provider administrators
  • Unlocking users or additional provider administrators who have locked out their user ID due to entering incorrect passwords. 
  • Recertifying user access 

Any access granted and maintained by the provider administrator is the sole responsibility of that provider administrator. Palmetto GBA has no responsibility for maintaining provider user access and permission to the data assigned to them by the provider administrator. Each user ID must be assigned to a specific individual. Generic user names and account sharing is strictly prohibited. Palmetto GBA will delete, without notice, any user IDs that are associated with a generic user name and any eServices accounts suspected of account sharing.

A provider user may be granted administrative access by the provider administrator. Keep in mind that provider administrators have access to all functions in eServices. Granting administrative access to a provider user also gives them access to all functions, including the ability to modify or delete the original provider administrator. Provider administrators can also create and delete additional provider administrators and provider users. The provider administrator will receive the provider user’s user ID and create a temporary password for the provider user. The provider administrator is responsible for giving the provider user their user ID and password.

If a user does not know who their provider administrator is, they need to contact the provider’s staff to find out if they have registered to the system and who is designated as the provider administrator. Provider administrators can see who is designated as provider administrators on the Admin tab.

If you are a provider administrator and are leaving the office, or are no longer functioning as the provider administrator, you must assign an additional provider administrator before leaving the role. Once a new provider administrator is assigned, he or she can log in and delete the old provider administrator or change the provider administrator to a provider user by deselecting the Admin box in the role selections of the user's profile. Do not delete the provider administrator before assigning an additional provider administrator. If you do this, your record must be removed and you must register again. To request that your record be removed, please contact your Medicare contractor.

Palmetto GBA has the right to terminate any user’s access if suspicious or improper activity is determined. Access may be terminated without notice.

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