Billing Disputes Resolution Requests

Published 04/13/2020

Providers sometimes experience situations where they are unable to resolve a billing dispute with another provider either due to overlapping dates of service or sequential billing.

Part A, home health and hospice providers should ensure that a patient’s Medicare eligibility records are reviewed before the patient is admitted. If the patient’s Medicare eligibility records reflect that care is or was being provided by another provider and the records do not reflect that the previous provider has finalized their billing, the receiving provider is responsible for contacting the existing/previous provider to request that they complete their billing.

What should providers do in case there is a dispute?
Should a dispute arise, both providers are required under Medicare regulations to make an attempt to resolve the issue between them. If the providers are unable to resolve the dispute, Palmetto GBA may be contacted for assistance.

Palmetto GBA will work with both providers to settle the dispute. Providers seeking assistance from Palmetto GBA to resolve a billing dispute should complete the Billing Dispute Resolution Request form (JJ Part A, JM Part A, Home Health and Hospice) located in the Forms application on the home page. All information on the form is required to assist the provider.

Note: Providers are not required to use the form, but all requests must include the elements contained in the form.

If the form is incomplete or the written request does not include all the required information, the request will be returned to the provider. Providers should also note that the request to settle a billing dispute must pertain to claims that are within the timely filing requirements unless the situation falls within the exceptions to grant an extension to the timely filing requirement. Please refer to the Timely Filing Guidelines Job Aid for additional information on the timely filing requirements.

Upon receipt of the completed form or a written request that includes all the required information, Palmetto GBA will take the necessary steps to assist the provider with resolving the situation.

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