Reason Code 32402

Published 12/16/2019

Revenue/HCPCS code combination error. The revenue code reported is not billable with this HCPCS code.

The HCPCS code must match the revenue code reported. For each revenue code, providers may refer to the most recent HCPCS listing or CPT Manual to determine the billable HCPCS codes. Review the revenue and HCPCS codes for keying errors, correct, and F9/resubmit the claim.

Some items and services can only be billed with certain revenue codes. If you have access to the Direct Data Entry (DDE) system, you may view the revenue codes that are billable with a HCPCS code in the HCPCS inquiry screen:

  • Select option 01 (Inquiries)
  • Select option 14 (HCPCS codes)
  • Key the HCPCS code in the HCPCS field and press Enter
  • The appropriate revenue codes are listed under the Allowable Revenue Codes field. If no revenue codes are listed, the HCPCS code can be billed with any revenue code.

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