Medicare Redetermination Notices Mailing Address

Published 04/28/2021

Change Request 9683 (PDF, 1.60 MB) notified Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) of the Medicare Appeals System (MAS) Level 1 Part A and home health and hospice (HHH) onboarding effort. CMS scheduled each MAC contractor to implement MAS in a phased-in approach, beginning January 1, 2017, through April 30, 2017. Palmetto GBA and three other MACs began using MAS effective May 1, 2017.

The MACs utilize MAS to perform redeterminations and reopenings in accordance with CMS regulations and policy. For consistency among the MACs utilizing MAS, Medicare Redetermination Notices (MRNs) are addressed to the Providers Remittance Advice Address as provided on the Medicare Provider Enrollment form CMS 855A, Section 4.

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