Provider Enrollment Email Communications

Published 02/07/2018

For many years it has been our practice to send Provider Enrollment communications via email. Effective November 13, 2017, our email communication process was streamlined with the implementation of new email addresses specific to Provider Enrollment Additional Development Requests (ADRs) and final application completion letters.

ADR emails are sent from the following addresses based on whether the application submitted is for Part A/HHH or B.

The subject line of the ADR email will state your "DCN # — Medicare Enrollment ADR."  Please ensure that when responding to ADR emails you reply ALL and do not alter the subject line. This will ensure the appropriate handling of your application.

Provider Enrollment completion letter will be sent from NOREPLYJMPROVIDERENROLLMENT@PALMETTOGBA.COM. The subject line will state your "DCN Number-Completion Letter." This is a non-monitored box and any replies will not be read. If you have any questions regarding your completion letter, you may follow the instructions in the letter or contact the analyst at the contact information on the letter.

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