Missing a Letter From Us?

Published 08/29/2018

This Provider Address Job Aid was created to assist Part A and home health and hospice providers in completing and understanding. In the charts in the job aid, you will find the CMS-855A address with each Palmetto GBA department. This job aid identifies the address on your provider file that is used for mailing letters from Palmetto GBA. From Revalidation to overpayment Demand letters, From Additional Documentation Request (ADR) letters to Appeals Determination letters, this job aid can assist you in knowing where to look to assure you receive the letters Palmetto GBA sends to you. Please review the addresses on your provider file and assure they are up to date. We also encourage providers to educate the staff that open their mail to assure they distribute the letters internally appropriately so that proper action can be taken.

Note: We arranged this job aid by the address sections of the CMS-855A enrollment application form. If you change an address in one of these sections it will change the receipt of ALL the letters sent to that address so keep that in mind before making a change.

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