Using Medicare's Online Credit Balance Report Lookup Tool

Published 01/04/2021

Providers can see the status of their credit balance reports through our Credit Balance Report Lookup tool.

The Credit Balance Report Lookup tool will provide you with our internal Document Control Number (DCN), the status of the report, the date it was received at Palmetto GBA, and any applicable comments.

Before using the tool, you will need your provider number and the quarter end date of the report associated with your inquiry.

How It Works
This tool first validates the provider number and quarter end date against the reports in our database. If a match is found, the tool retrieves the DCN, status of the report, the date it was received, and any applicable comments. If a match is not found, an error message is received. If you feel your report was submitted and the error message is incorrect, please contact the Provider Contact Center (PCC) for further information.

Note: Please allow two to three business days after submission of your report via eServices or fax for processing prior to using the tool to check the status. If submitting by mail, please allow seven to 10 business days.

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