Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System Navigation - Are You Taking Advantage of Speech Recognition Benefits?

Published 02/05/2020

As a reminder, providers calling the Provider Contact Center (PCC) have the ability to use the speech recognition feature to easily navigate their way through our IVR menu simply by speaking naturally. Within these interactions, our menus can be navigated by using either the touch-tone keypad selection or voice telephone input with the ability to use speech or touch tone interchangeably throughout the call to enter the required information.           

Benefits of Speech Recognition

  • Hands-free navigation which frees up users to multi-task and pull up patient account systems at the same time
  • The ability to interact using both spoken and touch-tone commands
  • Allows users to input required information through spoken words with the voice recognition rather than touchpads.  This is especially beneficial when inputting the Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) number as users are not required to convert alpha characters
  • A more customer friendly experience for all callers as it replaces the need for touch-tone prompts that can sometimes confuse and frustrate callers, especially those using cordless phones

Tips For Speech Recognition
Speech recognition is a highly valuable tool for IVR users.  We recommend practicing the following habits to achieve maximum results.

  • Always enunciate words and speak at a moderate speed
  • Speak directly into the phone or headset to avoid distortion or missed words
  • Minimize loud environments with extra background noises such as music or loud voices

The goal of the speech recognition is to achieve an engaging, helpful and natural caller experience that serves callers quickly, efficiently, and consistently. This enhancement is in direct response to provider feedback with the goal of improving your provider experience with Palmetto GBA.

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